Andrea Christ

was a classic horse freak in her youth. Riding was a favorite pastime. When school, studies, and occupation got in the way, there was no more room in the city for four-legged friends. The rider became a long-distance commuter and spent many years in a traffic jam instead of a stable. In the spring of 2016, when luck suddenly knocked on the door and, surprisingly, the option was in the room to emigrate to South Tyrol to take over a mountain farm, she had to sleep exactly one night over it. From the office back to the stable and to the animals, that was a good and healthy prospect for the future. Always nice when a circle closes.

Uli Wiesmeier

at the age of 14, he decided to make the mountains the center of his life. At first it was the rock faces of the Dolomites, later the sky above, which mainly impressed him.Climbing and paragliding have been his fuel for an eventful life for many years. The trained carpenter became a photographer. His book project BERG ... (Knesebeck Verlag), was 2017 - after a 40-year career - the departure of professional photography ( Since he learned to walk in a small Bavarian village between dung heap, he had always been familiar with farms and the animals living there. However, even as a little boy, he always wondered what all the cows must have done wrong, because they were chained and locked up most of the time? Out of these puzzle pieces, over all the years, a big dream grew: Living on a mountain farm in the South of the Alps one day, surrounded by animals that are allowed to live appropriate for the species.