with its flower-rich mountain meadows, the wood-fenced cattle pastures and the quaint forests, lies on sun-drenched Kreuznerberg at almost 1400m above sea level in the South Tyrolean community Lüsen. It is also called gruiba. Because of its wonderful secluded location, far away from the noise of civilization, silence is our greatest asset.


Our new panorama-apartment is called refuge. A word that refers to a small, safe place in a troubling and hectic world. Something like an oasis in the desert or an island on a stormy sea.

The special thing about this refuge, especially in times like these: you don't share it with any other guest.

Holiday which makes SENSE
Luckily, we do not have so-called tourist superlatives such as artificial snow ski-slopes, motorcycle racing circuits on Dolomite passes, alpine roller coasters or similar flavor enhancers in the vicinity, but a nice portfolio which makes SENSE, when it comes to recovering in the mountains.
We have a 180 degree natural cinema for you. It extends from the Lüsener mountains over the Schlern and the Sarntaler Alps to Trentino. Every day a new program. Romantic sunrises and sunsets, endless starry skies, colourful forests and meadows, surreal alpenglow or cosy snow flurries (from inside). The large windows and the unobstructed view bring the mountains to you in the apartment or lure you outside. Pure opinion.
You do not much up here. Or do you? Although no usual everyday noise, but smacking cattle, cackling chickens, purring cats or the spring concert of the birds in our woods. Did we mention the roaring deer in autumn?
If you come from the city, you will have to get used to pure mountain air at just over 1400 meters. Here the air is still clean, which can be guaranteed with the purest conscience. As good as fresh hay, flowering meadows or our mountain forest smell, your nose will not forget soon. Not to mention the sauna infusions and all the wood in the apartment.
Our chickens are happy. You will be sure to confirm this after the first breakfast egg. If there are also happy apples, plums, redcurrants or potatoes, they will certainly hang on our trees and bushes or grow in our cottage garden. If the harvest turns out well, the boss will spoil you with her homemade juices, jams, compotes or cakes.
Yes, you will feel comfortable with us.
Once the hunger for a beautiful mountainview is satisfied, you quickly become thirsty for exercise. The gentle alpine walks - summer and winter - right outside the front door or the bike laps - easy or difficult - from our Bikegarage, are worth every drop of sweat. The cross-country ski trail on the Lüsener Alm is one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood. As well as the backcountry ski- and snowshoetours in the vicinity. For those who like to leave the ground, it is only a stone's throw to the climbing paradise of the Dolomites or the wild water dream canyon of the Rienz. Not to mention the South Tyrolean paragliding sky. We offer our expert assistance in individual tour planning. Maps and guide material, mountain bikes, sledges as well as snowshoes and hiking poles can be borrowed.
ebikes in the mountains? no thanks >

Electric motorcycles are a technical revolution, without a doubt.

In order to avoid primarily car journeys, they are definitely an interesting alternative. In terms of air pollution, noise or parking space, the whole thing, compared to the combustion engine, a completely positive invention. If you take a look at the entire life cycle assessment, the situation looks different again. The reason for the poor environmental balance is the energy-intensive production and the complex recycling process of the batteries.

This essay, however, is about another problem with this HighTechTrend.

The use to reach comfortably alpine regions and the misunderstanding that it is a sports equipment.

Interestingly enough, people who would need a little more physical activity or who never had the idea to do such a strenuous bike ride into the mountains, feel appealing.

And what about the seniors? Hopefully, sooner or later, we will all be seniors, and we would do well to train ourselves in a timely manner in reduction and renunciation. With 70+, you no longer have to cycle across the Alps at any price, or collect thousands of meters of altitude, unless you can do it yourself. What would come next? Alpine Segway or e-scooter? What would be the consistent continuation of this thinking error? An escalator through the Eiger North Face? In the light of demographic change, one can imagine what the future will be like in the mountains. The next generations will have no chance and will not get the chance to experience the Alps at least as much as we seniors were allowed to. Namely without increased traffic by motorized vehicles. In some mountain regions of the Alps, since the invention of the e-bike, it has already spoken of 5 times the traffic volume as before the motorization. Ascending trend.

Intense mountain experiences are always associated with effort and deprivation and there is nothing better than the certainty that you have reached an Alpine destination - no matter how demanding - on your own.

The most natural barrier to protect alpine protected areas from crowds is the original difficulty of mountaineering.

E-bikes are not bicycles but motorcycles!

If you classify them legally as such, the problem would be solved quickly. If there were not all the beneficiaries of this invention. With the growing convenience of society, you can make a lot of money.

Regulations and prohibitions will become inevitable in the near future. Only then will tragically happen. Mountain bikers and e-bikers are lumped together.

Therefore we do not want to support this Trend.

E-bikes in the mountains? No thanks !

Thank you for your understanding.

Andrea Christ, Uli Wiesmeier

With us there is a lot to discover and observe for children. From the ants in the forest, the butterflies on the flowers to our highland cattle on the pasture, the alpine fauna and flora up here is very rich and interesting. Collecting mushrooms, picking berries, feeding chickens or currying cattle is very popular with us. Too boring ? Then off to the swing, the slackline, the sledge run (if there's enough snow), the climbing wall or the table tennis. And when in the evening, after an exciting day, the big hunger comes, it's time to barbecue at the campfire.



250 € for 2 people

+40 € each additional person (children up to 3 years free)

For stays of less than 7 nights, we charge a final cleaning fee of 70 €.

If you travel by public transport, we offer you a transfer service.

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